Founder of ICGC, Mensa Otabil delivering a sermon

Pastor Mensa Otabil has urged his congregants and the general public to reject their fears and strive to attain greater heights in life.

In his sermon “Faith to Reject,” he said some people are afraid to achieve greatness because of perceptions they hold about their lives.

“When I talk about faith to refuse, it is the ability to reject wrong labels on your life. It is the ability to reject being stuck at a place God hasn’t purposed for you,” he said.

He said people have lived faked lives in order to impress society, however, such lifestyles have not yielded any positive results.

He cited the life of Moses who had the privilege to live as a royal in the house of Pharaoh yet rejected that life in a quest to fulfill God’s purpose for him.

He said Moses rejected the “fake life” [living as a royal in the house of Pharaoh] and lived the life God purposed for him [serving as Israel’s shepherd and deliverer.]

He further urged the upcoming generation to choose the mission of God and reject their own ways and also strive to attain their own wealth.