Organizers of the Limpopo Championship as part of unearthing new talents held training and clinic for students in the Limpopo Province in South Africa.

The pupils numbering 25 were given basic training about how to play golf, techniques, discipline and the rudiments of the sport.

Three professional golfers each from the sunshine tours and European golf tours performed the training for the pupils.

Limpopo clinic

The CEO of the Limpopo Tourism Agency, Nomasonto Ndlovu, in an interview with the media said it was indeed a well thought through plan to use tourism to affect lives and enrich the community.

He added that it was right to have a real impact on the destination and this will be a living legacy event such as these can bring to the people of Limpopo.

“We are excited that we are bringing in young kids to come and get inspiration about this game. I always say we don’t know where the next champion is going to come from, for them to see these top-class golfers, see and touch them, listen to them and get a word about the game is quite special.

Limpopo clinic

“It is also important to highlight that these are kids around the area in Modimole, they are starting to understand the importance of this tournament. We are not just bringing the sport but are able to leave something special like this for the community,’’ she observed.

Jamie Hodges, Head of Challenge European Challenge Tour, said they were excited to be playing in Limpopo and an opportunity to impact and train the young ones are great.

“For us having an opportunity with young kids to teach and give little tips, and to provide inspiration is and to give the spark to play golf.

Limpopo clinic

On his impression on the destination, Hodges said, “Limpopo has been a wonderful start to our time here. The view is amazing and unique to have the backdrop of the golf course in the middle of nature. Hopefully, by having us here, we can help to bring Limpopo to a wide audience.’’