The National Honour Society (NHS) of the Lincoln Community School has presented a cheque for GHC 2,400 to the National Partnership for Children’s Trust (NPCT) as its contribution towards supporting needy and brilliant children in the country.

It is also geared towards helping students to achieve excellence in leadership, service and character which takes on a service oriented nature, with its major project being the funding of scholarships for bright and commendable candidates.

The President of NHS, Madam Maria Grazia Guma said 12 students would be awarded scholarship this year to enable them to pursue academic excellence.

“ It gives us great pleasure to contribute to the future of the deprived in society as they thrive to achieve their dreams,” she said.

She thanked the school’s Parent-Teacher Organisation (PTO) for its immense support towards raising funds to support the needy in society.

She explained that members of the school’s NHS had held several fundraising activities throughout the year.

The fundraising activities include breakfast sales and joint ventures with the PTO.

The purpose is to support needy students who could not have made it to secondary school due to financial difficulties.

The Teacher Sponsor of the NHS, Madam Mary Margret Page was optimistic that the presentation would go a long way to help such children in the various communities .

Madam Judith S. Sawyer, Trustee for the NPCT, who received the cheque on behalf of the beneficiary students thanked the NHS for its support and pledged to use the money for its intended purpose.