The Local Government Ministry has been blamed for the Electoral Commission’s declaration that it is in no position to organize District Assembly elections scheduled for next month.

The elections were originally scheduled for October 26 but the EC said it may have to postpone the elections to December to give Parliament enough time to pass a new Legislative Instrument, LI 1967 to re-demarcate the electoral areas.

The LI cannot be laid before parliament immediately because the House is on recess.

It will also take another 21 days after the MPs resume for the law to be passed.

Local Government expert Amon Kotei has told Joy News the sector ministry should be held responsible for the stalemate.

Mr Kotei said there were problems with the way the ministry was being run and that the minister a couple of months ago made a proposal to Parliament suggesting that platforms should be created for aspirants to the district assemblies to campaign.

That suggestion was rejected by even majority members of the house and Mr Kotei believes tat was because the proposal had the potential to polticise the assembly elections.

Meanwhile a former Supreme Court Judge and Chairman of the Electoral Commission Justice VCRAC Crabbe is said to have suggested a recall of the current assembly members to take care of emergencies if a vacuum is created at the end of their tenure. Their current term is supposed to elapse after October 30, 2010.

Source: Joy News/Ghana