Scores of residents of Kumasi and beyond trooped to the Jubilee Park to join hands with Evangelist Lord Kenya in a three-day event to celebrate his two years of ‘walking with Christ’.

It was nights of testimonies, music and prayers as stars and fans of the Ghanaian hip-life music icon fellowshipped and prayed for peaceful Election 2012.

“It’s been marvelous and awesome, it just beats my imagination. My faith has been built for the past three days because the Lord has demonstrated that when He calls you, His grace abound”, an excited born-again Kenya exclaimed.

Lord Kenya, the multiple award winning ‘rap heavyweight champion’, was ‘arrested’ by the Holy Spirit two years ago as he sought supply of drugs at his usual ‘wee’ joint.

Today, he is engaged in evangelistic activities, sharing testimonies and the Gospel of Christ in churches and schools across the country, with the aim of drawing people closer to God.

“I have inner peace” said Evangelist Kenya. “In previous times, I’ll go search for drugs to be happy and that was always temporal. Today, I am so glad at the ensuing peace in my family – the hearts of my wife, children and parents are at rest – and above all the peace of mind that when my life is done here on earth, a better place exists for me”.

He admonished the public not to mock celebrities who confess Christ, but “to pray and intercede for them because the Devil seeks to deceive majority to his side, hence we as Christians should also fight to win the battle”.

“Christ did not come for the righteous but for those who are sick and need healing. Jesus is the medication for those in poor health. We should have died, we should have been disgraced but He came to die for our salvation”, said Kenya.

Several artistes touched the crowd with their song ministration. These included Joe Bechem, Moses OK, Francis Asumadu, Slim Becky, Agnes Opoku Agyemang and Agape Incorporated.

Prophet Emmanuel Amoah, Apostle Emmanuel Offen and Bishop Bernard Owusu-Ansah also delivered sermons.

Holland-based Bishop Owusu-Ansah, who has committed to nurture Lord Kenya and other stars to spiritual maturity, described the response of acceptance from the Christian community as encouraging.

According to him, it is inevitable for a lot of the stars to cross-over to Christendom and “we have to be loving towards them, we have to be understanding towards them”.

“There is nothing weird, strange or difficult about serving Christ”, he stated, noting that the principles of Christianity are guiding principles for life. “You’ll have some difficulties but it is rather rewarding – not in terms of finance – but knowing that your life has meaning and your life has a better impact on others and you’re doing something that pleases God as well” he said.

The Owusu-Ansah Bernard Ministries is a pillar behind the Stars Fellowship, an initiative of the New Lord Kenya Outreach Ministries to draw superstars closer to Christ.

“I know this is just the beginning because God has a purpose for taking us to all those places before bringing us under His Grace. This is a walk of faith and those with faith should join in”, Lord Kenya preached.

He has no immediate plan to establish a Church because “the Lord has not given any revelation yet for me to establish a Church. I’ll wait on Him for guidance and direction”.