Exhibitors at the maiden Luv Fm Reduction Sales in Kumasi have expressed great satisfaction with patronage of products and services.

About 40 manufacturers, distributors and retail businesses, including a few from the Greater Accra region, participated in the 3-day fair, aimed at promoting domestic trade and commerce.

The event provided a one stop-shop for shoppers to access goods and services at reduced and discounted prices.

It also afforded participating enterprises the opportunity to promote and market their products to increase sales and re-stock.

“It has really gone well…Thanks to Luv Fm, I have been in the system for 17 years and I can proudly say it’s this media that has promoted my business. I wish more of this at least twice a year”, said a representative of Daaso Butik.

Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Robert Nketia, at the opening ceremony observed that the success of the Reduction Sales will depend on the ability of exhibitors to merchandise their products to attract buyers.

Most exhibitors committed to the call by offering discounts as high as 50% on goods.

Thousands of residents in the Garden City and beyond trooped to the various stands at the Round Pavilion of the Golden Tulip, Kumasi City, to make purchases and window shop.

Some patrons had wished for wider variety of products to choose from, a concern organizers hope to improve upon in subsequent editions.

According to Event Coordinator, Nana Benyin Anumel, limited space accounted for the shortfall and promised to access a larger venue for the next event.

But the Luv Fm Reduction Sales event was not only about buying and selling – other fun-filled moments thrilled visitors.

Side attractions included live band sessions, drama presentation by Springverve and the promotion of African clothing and cuisine.

The sounds from Acoustic Music provided the impetus for shoppers to enjoy a family day out amidst good food and drink.

It was a family day out on Saturday as the kids hanged out with the bouncy castle and train ride circuits. The Azonto dance competition among the kids left parents on side-splitting amusement.

Stanbic Bank, IPMC, Golden Tulip, Latex Foam, Team Multimedia and some doctor friends from the Komfo Anokye Hospital also battled it out in the finals of live band singing contest, which won them roasted chicken from Akate Farms and other souvenirs.

Minister for Water Resources Works and Housting, E.T. Mensah, who passed through Fair, said he was “very impressed” and encouraged organizers to sustain it.


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