The maiden edition of the Ghana National Exchange Programme School (GNEPS) would be held from 30th May to 29th June 2008 in Accra.

A statement signed by Cecil Nii Obodai Wentum for the organisers, Country Awards Council–Ghana (CACG), about 1,500 students had been selected from over 35 senior high schools from six regions namely, Ashanti, Volta, Eastern, Western, Greater Accra and Central regions to participate in the programme.

It said HIV/AIDS, regenerative health/nutrition and malaria prevention programmes, academic pursuits, quiz and competitions, sports, tour to historic and important places in the participating regions were some of the programmes outlined to make the event a successful one.

GNEPS is one of the principal agencies of the Country Awards Council – Ghana and has been designed to serve as a national nerve centre for promoting inter-cultural diversity, harnessing of ideas, sharing of skills and gaining of new experiences.

The statement said the programme had been put together by the Country Awards Council – Ghana in collaboration with the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture, Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education, Science and Sports and the Ministry of Health.

It said the official opening of the Programme would be held at the Labone Secondary School under the Vice Patron, Major Courage Quashigah, Minister of Health, Ghana and the Board of Governors of the Country Awards Council Ghana.

Major Courage Quashigah has commended both the Ghana Education Service and all heads of second cycle schools whose students are participating in the programme for upholding such a laudable initiative.

The Country Director of the Country Awards Council Ghana, Mr Kobla Asamani urged the media to give the necessary support to the programme since that will bring development to participants, their schools and the communities in which they live.

Source: GNA


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