We Have Chosen Minerals Over Clean Drinking Water. I have taken a close look at the Manifestos of the two major parties under natural resources both captured Land, Forestry and Mining.

Both failed to capture our water resources which both governments have failed to protect even though millions of money has been spent on supposed projects to stop illegal mining.

Both parties have shown that mining is more important than portable water that we drink.

Looking at the failure of both governments to tackle the problem of water pollution especially in the Western Region which threatens the ability of the Ghana Water Company to supply clean water to communities, you can be sure that the brown, chemical infested waters will remain so for another 10 to 15 years.

Should they have touched on the issue and provide a road map to making our waters clean again?

Yes! They should have. Looking at the fact that the problem has cost the nation millions, cost the nation lives, cost the nation healthcare expenditures, as people are getting sick.

It is also costing the nation a lot as corruption cases related to illegal mining and water pollution have been left and not dealt with, with the culprits walking free.

Also missing is a proper developmental plan for mining communities from where mining resources emanate from. These communities have been left at the mercy of the mining companies with evidence showing that governments over the years have not had any proper developmental strategy to turn these mining communities into a proper model communities.

Anyone from these two parties who disagree with me should take a look at the two manifestos and come and engage me in a conversation about the issues I have raised.

I have to admit these two manifestos may arguably be the best the two parties have ever presented in the same election year, however, both parties have intentionally left out key issues especially in areas they know they have failed abysmally.


Makafui Awuku is a social innovator and an environmentalist.