Kofi Amoah, a 20-year-old mason, was on Wednesday sentenced to 21 years imprisonment by a circuit court at Asamankese for defiling a 10-year-old primary school girl.

Amoah pleaded guilty to the charge. Police Inspector Augustine Denyingi told the court presided over by Mr D. E. K. Daketsey that both the convict and the victim lived at Kwashi-Ekoso near Asamankese.

He said on June 4 at about 0800 hours Amoah met the girl and an 11-year-old boy playing, and invited the two children to accompany him to an orange farm to carry oranges to the road side for transportation to the market.

Insp. Denyingi said the children obliged and on reaching a spot on the Akwatia-Asamankese road, Amoah convinced the boy to return home leaving him and the girl alone.

The prosecution said Amoah tied both hands of the victim with a rag and forcibly had sexual intercourse with her.

Insp. Denyingi said Amoah sent the girl back home with her dress virtually soaked in blood.

The prosecution said the girl told her parents about the ordeal, and the local unit committee members arrested Amoah and handed him over to the Police at Asamankese.

Insp. Denyingi said a medical form endorsed by a medical officer at the Asamankese Government Hospital indicated that the girl had been defiled.

The prosecution said Amoah in his caution statement to the police admitted the offence.

Source: GNA


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