The entrepreneurial dreams of innovative youths lies within reach under the Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) module of MasterCard Foundation’s Young Africa Works initiative. 

The initiative, implemented by the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), would add 39,000 dignified jobs to the youth sector; 3,800 of which would be young industrialists produced under the ICE.   

Seth Klutse, Volta Regional Manager of the NBSSI, noted that it was an opportune programme for innovative technical and vocational students and unemployed graduates, aged between 18 to 35 years. 

He noted however that patronage of the ICE remained low compared to other modules, and that the NBSSI was taking steps including engaging with universities and training institutions. 

“The help is real, and there is equal opportunity for all who meet the requirements,” Mr Klutse said, adding that the NBSSI was guiding applicants through the registration process.     

He said Young Africa Works initiative seeks to support more women, and must be promoted among female populations.   

Mr Limann Narambah, Regional Coordinator of Young Africa Works, said ICE trainees would access boot and incubation camps as well as prototyping sessions to perfect ideas and to build models of products and services.     

He said 1,600 of the ICE trainees would receive startup support.   

The Young Africa Works initiative also runs the Micro Small Medium Enterprises Business Acceleration (MBA) programme to assist existing businesses with technology and equipment, marketing, business formalisation and finance.

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