Media should promote positive content – Paulina Oduro

Media should promote positive content – Paulina Oduro

Highlife songstress Paulina Oduro is urging the media to refrain from promoting negative content on their platforms.

She tasked the media to aid in redirecting the mindset of the youth to welcome positive content by promoting them constantly.

“Why do we promote things that are so vulgar and disrespectful in the industry? What has the media done to correct this? I don’t know what is wrong with Ghanaians, anything that is negative we think it’s active,” she stated in an interview on Showbiz A to Z.

She expressed that the media should be focused on the educative content as she believes that is the youth need to refrain from negativity.

“Let’s be real, what we are teaching the youth of today? We’ve got people who are constantly on social media and we have those who are not interested but there are bloggers who base on these negative content even on our television.

Let’s ignore all of them, let’s not get excited about these because our children need pure and I mean pure positiveness,” she charged the media.