The Ghana Meteorological Agency says the massive destruction to billboards over the weekend could have been spared if advertisers had sought technical advice from the Agency on appropriate wind directions.

The Agency says most billboards destroyed were wrongly cited.

Director of Synoptic Meteorology and Forecasting at the Ghana Meteorology Agency, Juati Ayilari told Joy News Television his outfit is prepared to offer advice to the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) on appropriate direction for billboard erection.

An unexpected windstorm collapsed a number of billboards in Accra over the weekend, reigniting the debate over poor weather prediction by the Meteorological Agency as well as poor state of billboards in the city by advertising companies.

But the weather forecasters say they cannot be faulted.

The storm also destroyed several buildings and structures in Accra.

In some parts of the city, there were reported loss of lives.

Mr. Ayilari said many bill boards collapsed during Saturday’s storm because they were clearly in the direction of the wind, hence could not stand its magnitude.

He said the acquisition of new radar equipment currently being installed will ensure accurate weather prediction.

The new radar will operate within a 250km radius and is expected to be operational in June this year.