Professor Mike Oquaye, Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, has encouraged the private sector to invest in human excreta facilities to rake in huge returns.

Speaking at the floor of Parliament, the Dome-Kwabenya Legislator said: “Toilet affair is a good business and business people must go into it.”

He said in India small companies have made huge profits providing toilet facilities country wide.

Prof Oquaye who was reading a statement to mark World Toilet Day, called on Ghanaians to learn from the Indian experience.

“We can visit densely populated nations as India and learn the building of simple public toilets with water soap and toilet rolls provided for a small fee,” he said.

He said prudent management of human waste would not only improve the national health but also impact positively on the economy.

“No serious tourism will take place in Ghana when the beaches are littered with human waste,” he said.

Prof Oquaye noted that when tourists are forced to see what they do not want to see, quality tourism would always elude Ghana.

He said studies had shown that women are more prone to contamination from lack of hygienic toilet facilities, which could lead to germs affecting their foetus.

“The cause to the nation is far greater than we have ever weighed critically,” he said. Prof Oquaye said children face squalor, misery, sickness and even death as a result of the country’s bad toilet habit, adding “this must change”.

He expressed the need for all facilities including houses and hospitality services to have toilets. Prof Oquaye said the country should also provide amenities that take care of the needs of the physically challenged.

Contributing to the debate, Mr Kojo Adu Asare National Democratic Congress Member for Adenta said most of the country’s beaches are lined with human excreta which always discourage tourist attraction.

Mr Maxwell Kofi Jumah, New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member for Asokwa said it should be a national regret that there are few toilet facilities in Ghana.

Ms Shirley Ayorkor Botchway, NPP Member of Parliament for Weija said the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies must ensure that building permits they grant should comprise toilet facilities.

Source: GNA


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