A Deputy Director of Communication for the opposition New Patriotic Party Samuel Awuku has said that President John Mills has reduced governance of Ghana into a state of mockery and is ruling the country as if he was doing his “National Service”.

According to Sammy Awuku, “president Mills, who is supposed to be abreast with happenings in the country and control affairs, goes to sleep the whole day and wakes up to work as and when he deems it fit”.
Samuel Awuku said these while contributing to an evening political talk show on Thursday dubbed “The Boiling Point” on Oman fm.

He said the president has been lost in action for months and has not been seen anywhere running or managing government business, “yet when one questions the whereabouts of the President, the NDC is quick to release the wounded government communicators to rain insults on you and claim you wish the president were dead”.

Samuel Awuku could not understand why the president is mute over what he claims are difficult times for the country, where economic calamity and bizarre incidents are be falling the country.

He was amazed about how “the Presidency has been turned into national theater where comic reliefs are given”. He could not understand why president John Atta Mills will go to Air port to jog in his quest to prove to the world that he is fit but is unable to correct and sanction alleged corrupt officials in his government, who have turned into “judgment debt contractors”.

He said even though he knew president Mills was a weak leader, little did he know that, he could be that feeble and lack the ability to control the economy of the country.

Touching on the billions of dollars paid to individuals and companies in the name of judgment debt by the NDC government, Samuel Awuku noted that, the government had lost its sense of priority as it prioritizes the payment of judgment debts over fixing the Suhum-Nsawam portion of the Accra-Kumasi Highway which has turned into a death trap.