Deputy Ranking Member of the Local Government Committee, Benjamin Kpodo has said that the appointment of Municipal and Metropolitan District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) should be done in a non-partisan fashion.

Speaking in an interview on PM Express, he indicated that “there should be a comprehensive amendment of all clauses that relate to the Chief Executive.”

He added that an element of neutrality should be factored in the procedure.

This, according to him, will pave way for competent people or applicants who deem themselves fit to apply for the portfolio of the MMDCE.

“Any person who considers himself qualified to get the position of District Chief Executive should be able to it,” he said.

But, the Deputy Majority Whip and Member of Local Government Committee, Habib Iddrisu, shares a contrary view.

According to him, he is of the belief that the elections should be on partisan lines with fair representation at the local level.

He explained that would “help blend decentralization” in the country.

With two sides sharing an opposing view, Mr Benjamin Kpodo stated that when the two parties come to an understanding on how the election should be held, “then a middle ground can be found on this matter.”

He cited an instance in London to back his points raised.

“We can take examples in London, England where the Mayor is elected, there was a time even the liberals had the Mayor position whiles the labour part was in power. So you see that when we can come to a compromised situation, and understand one another as to the way we should do the elections, then it can happen,” he said.

Currently, the appointment of MMDCEs are done by the President with the approval of not less than two-thirds majority of members of the Assembly present and voting at the meeting.

However, this has seen a series of misunderstandings causing tension with a lot of controversy shrouding the just-ended edition.

This was after the Juaboso MP, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh had read a statement on the floor demanding action from the house over the way some of the approvals had been carried out amidst allegations of vote-buying among others.

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