Some Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) in the country say they are being frustrated in carrying out their primary responsibility of promoting socio-economic development.

They say meeting the unrealistic demands of party executives and foot soldiers has become a major obstacle to addressing the needs of communities.

LUV FM’s Elton John Brobbey reports that while the president nominates people to the assemblies as MMDCEs, members of the assemblies have to confirm their nomination and party executive often play crucial roles in ensuring their confirmation.

Because of this arrangement, appointees have tended to buy the loyalty of party executive by awarding them lucrative contracts even if they lack the competence to execute the projects.

Agitations by party footsoldiers have led to the immediate sacking of some MMDCEs, and appointees are jittery.

Obuasi MCE, Mr John Alexander Akon, told Elton John Brobbey, satisfying party footsoldiers was a daunting task, especially juxtaposing that with delivering on the president’s Better Ghana Agenda.

“Your job, your lifestyle, everything is under the microscope of every stakeholder – your party people, opposition people, your chiefs, your family, your ministers – all ministers – to the extent that if you sit in front [seat] of your car, you have a problem, if drive car you have a problem, if you talk to a woman, you have a problem, so it becomes quite uneasy,” he said.

Mr Akon said the situation is exacerbated by the pressure brought to bear on DCEs by party footsoldiers.

Source: Joy News/Ghana