Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has disclosed that most marriages do not last because people don’t prepare for it.

Bishop Agyinasare made these comments in response to a question on the success of his 35-year-long marriage.

Asked in an interview by Emefa Apawu on the secret to his success, his answer was simple – Preparation.

“Most marriages do not last because people don’t prepare for it. Anything you don’t prepare for, you abuse it and take it for granted” he said.

He pinned recent high divorce rates on a lack of adequate preparation which causes abuse of the marriage relationship by would-be couples.

“If you don’t prepare for marriage, you don’t know who a husband is, you don’t know who wife is and you go into the relationship, you abuse the relationship,” he added.

He revealed that as part of his preparations towards marriage as a young man, he read all the books he could read on marriage, as did his wife.

“When I decided to marry, I read all I could get on marriage, my wife also read all she could on marriage…so we thought that we were going to do that till death do us part,” he said.

Bishop Agyinasare dismissed any allegations of infidelity, saying that the only thing he is guilty of is being too fond of his wife.

“One time somebody insinuated that and a lady from the church said that ‘you can’t even befriend the Bishop because when you do your heart will break; he’s always talking about his wife, every year he will celebrate with his wife’.”

Further more, he revealed that measures have been established by himself with the help of the administrative unit of his church to ensure transparency in all his dealings with his followers.

“When you come to our office for instance, you will discover that most of out offices have glass doors. It is intentional so that you can’t do counselling alone”.

He added that the only time he goes out without his driver is when he is taking his family out.

“The only time I drive is when I’m taking my wife and my kids out. Otherwise I don’t go out alone, I don’t stay in a hotel alone, and so it will be difficult and impossible to do what people may insinuate,” he concluded.