A wife and mother of four physically challenged children, has left her family for another man.

The four children; Kwabena, 20; Kojo, 15; Kwaku Tawia, 10, and Yaw Ewudzi, 8, are all living with different disabilities and live with their father in Abora Obokor in the Central region.

Patriarch of the Arkoh family, Kofi Arkoh who is 65-years-old, also has a deteriorating respiratory illness and has been struggling to take care of his sons since their mother left.

In an interview with Adom News, Mr Arkoh said, “she [his wife] has always threatened to leave me and the children, especially when my sickness deteriorated and indeed she has carried out her threats. We have nothing as a family.”

He added that his wife’s actions of abandoning the family could be because of the family’s predicament of dealing with disabled children and a sick husband at the same time. 

He said explained that she might have been embarrassed about the situation and therefore, felt “shy associating herself with the family.”

Watch the video below.