By end of December 2020, Meridian Port Services Ltd (MPS) extended the original FIDIC Yellow Book Contract with EIFFAGE Génie Civil to include the Land Works for the 4th New Berth of the MPS Terminal 3 (part of Phase 2 of the Tema Port Expansion Project).

Five months later; the MPS management team joined by executives from the Port Authority and the Shipping community and all the Contractors on the job gathered to lay the first pavement blocks at berth 4.

In Addressing the guests, the CEO of MPS, Mr. Mohamed Samara, expressed his appreciation to the guests who made it to this remarkable event to celebrate the achievement of another milestone of investment journey by MPS in the implementation of the MPS Tema Port Expansion Project.

Appreciations were also expressed to those who could have been present but did not due to the difficult times of COVID-19.

“The Land Works covers 42,000 square meters right at the terminal’s waterfront (400m along the quay wall by 105m deep into the yard). Today we will be laying the first row of the total 2.1 million pavement blocks” Mr. Samara said.

He further indicated that the 4th New Berth civil works will be completed by September 2021, and this stretches the MPS Terminal 3 quayside to 1,400m at a dredged level of -16.90 m CD.

MPS readies for AfCTA and building capacity of Tema industrial city

The Contracts Manager of Eiffage Genie Civil, Mr. Mohammed Juma, emphasised on his company’s commitment to deliver on their obligation to complete the works on time or even ahead of schedule.

“Eiffage Genie Civil and the entire team at the Tema Port Expansion Project have already worked for 27-million-man hours with no fatalities or serious injury,” said Mr Juma while urging the team to continue with this remarkable safety achievement.

The Director of Tema Port, Sandra Opoku, congratulated MPS for actions taken to commence and achieve the milestone. She disclosed that the operation of a fourth berth will open countless opportunities to MPS, the Port of Tema, and variable to Ghana.

“MPS is encouraged to continue in its quest to increase capacity and infrastructure to the benefit of Ghana as it has already done by venturing into transhipment which has contributed to an increase in shipping trade”, was noted by Mrs Opoku.

MPS readies for AfCTA and building capacity of Tema industrial city

The Chairman of GPHA, Peter Mac Manu expressed his excitement for chairing such a ceremonial milestone and congratulated MPS Management and all the contractors involved in the project.

He said, “with the direction taken by MPS in the port and maritime industry, the sky is the limit as they reclaimed the land from the Atlantic Ocean to build on it such infrastructure with heavy civil engineering.”

Mr Mac Manu also touched on the importance of this investment to exporters, importers, the AfCFTA and the huge potential industrial growth of Ghana’s feeding into international trade and maritime sector.

Transshipment remains a key goal for ports in the region as West Africa still lacks a well-developed transshipment hub.

MPS Terminal 3 of Tema Port has on this premise raised the bar to cater for this need.