The Interior Minister, Martin Amidu, says a soldier has been arrested in connection with the murder of three persons in broad-day-light in front of a police station at Kokomba Market, Agbobloshie, Accra.

The soldier has since been granted bail. The incident happened seven years ago.

A clash between supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Kokomba Market, led to the death- of the three persons, all NPP members.

The clash was allegedly instigated by the NDC activists, who chased the NPP members until they caught up with the three killing them in front of the police station at the market.

“Unfortunately, no significant breakthrough has been made so far,” said the Minister of the Interior, Martin Amidu, when he was asked about the clashes where three people were butchered to death and others sustained varying degrees of injury.

He explained that with the exception of one suspect, Musah Adam Mohammed, a military officer, who was arrested by the police and arraigned before court, none of the perpetrators of the disturbances had been apprehended yet.

The Minister made the disclosure on the floor of Parliament when the Member of Parliament for Ablekuma North, Justice Joe Appiah, asked about what stringent measures the Ministry had initiated to bring the perpetrators to book.

In response, Mr Amidu said the police had since the incident at Agbobloshie, a suburb of Accra, been conducting investigations to enable them arrest the perpetrators of the disturbances.

However, he stated that the police had failed to make any headway as a result of the absence of direct evidence.

He said the police, in a bid to get evidence relating to the identity of the perpetrators, had been involved in undercover operations to fish out information and gather intelligence on the incident.

The Minister said the major challenge in the case “has been the failure, refusal and reluctance of persons who have alleged that they possess names of or know the identities of some or all of the perpetrators of the offence in this case to cooperate with the police”.

On behalf of the Police Administration, he appealed to the public to provide the names, identities, evidence or any other relevant information to the Police, relating to the case.

The Interior Minister noted that such information would help the Police to facilitate investigations into the disturbances and the resultant deaths.

“It is only when this is done that we can establish the veracity of the case.”

In relation to the Minister’s assertion that even Members of Parliament had failed to cooperate with the Police, in providing names of perpetrators that they claimed to have, the Minority Leader, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, MP for Suame, insisted that the Minority in Parliament had held a press conference and released the names of seven people.

“The Minority held a press conference on September 25, 2009 and provided the names of seven persons after which the Police followed up and came for the names.”

The Minister, on the other hand, said in an earlier briefing the police informed him that they “tried to approach the Minority Leader to get the names but to no avail. It was out of courtesy that I tried to generalize but the Police said you specifically failed to cooperate with them,” he said, pointing to the Minority Leader who was sitting a few meters away.

The Minority Leader countered, saying that it was not his duty to identify the perpetrators for the police. “I do not know them by face, how can I help to identify them? But if it is the names that the police want, then I am ready to give it to them again.”

When the Interior Minister pressed that the Minority Leader, after supplying the names, had to help the police trace the perpetrators, the latter said, “I wrote the names by hand for the police. If they had minded to find the perpetrators, I know they would have found them.”

Source: Daily Graphic/Ghana


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