The Ghanaian Muslim community on Thursday, condemned the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism as well as same sex marriages, which are reported to be gaining grounds in the country.

The practise was described as not only “demonic” but an abominable act which if encouraged would lead to the spread of infectious diseases and undermine procreation, which is an instruction from the Almighty God to humanity.

Major Alhaji Mohammed Easah, National President of the Coalition
of Muslim Community of Ghana (COMOG), who was addressing a press
conference in Accra, said the Muslim community would strongly resist
any attempt to legalise homosexuality, lesbianism and
same sex marriages in Ghana.

He also called on all political parties to demonstrate their commitment to the fight against the menace by clearly stating in their party manifestos and policies, and how they would deal with the issue.

“The Muslim Community has resolved not to vote for any political
party which fails to heed this demand,” he said.

The Muslim Community, which was represented by COMOG, Ahlusunna
Wal Ja’maa, the Shia Muslim Community, Tijanniya Movement, Society of
Muslim Preachers and Network of Muslims Youth Organisations, stated
that there was ample evidence that the practice of homosexuality and
lesbianism had contributed to the further spread of infectious
diseases such as HIV and AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Ghana.

Alhaji Easah argued that there was no moral justification by gay
rights advocates on the subject, which, he said was alien,
disgraceful, shameful and disgusting to the entire Ghanaian, cultural,
societal and religious norms and practices.

He called upon all well meaning Ghanaians including politicians,
the media, clergymen, Imams, traditional rulers and opinion leaders in
the country to join in the crusade to eradicate the practice from the

He said the Muslim community was challenging Parliament to make
an urgent public pronouncement on the subject as a starting point for
government’s much awaited intervention, while “we also urge the
National House of Chiefs to issue a statement as custodians of our
culture on this issue”.

Alhaji Easah said the Muslim Community proposed that Parliament
as a matter of urgency take a position on the issue with the passage
of a Homosexuality and Lesbianism Bill, making the act a criminal
offence which must attract stiff punishment such as long prison terms
with hard labour and disqualification from consideration for
appointment or promotion to any public office or position.

He also called upon traditional rulers and opinion leaders to assist the police in the identification and prosecution of homosexuals
and lesbians, stressing that a person who failed to report such people
when approached also commit an offence.

Source: GNA