Quamina MP

Ghanaian Hiplife artiste, Quamina MP known in real life as Ato Quamina has added his name to the list of Ghanaian celebrities who have shared their broken heart stories about how their girlfriend jilted them.

This time the ‘Kenkey seller’ hitmaker said the decision his Ex took to part ways with him was a step in the right direction because he could not take proper care of her.

Quamina MP made this revelation in an interview with Adu Kumi on the Tete-a-Tete Entertainment show on Asempa FM.

“I had someone way back, we dated for like four years, we used to eat gari and beans and soakings, but e be like the gari choke for her stomach,” he said jokingly.

Quamina MP shot to fame in June 2018 following the release of his hit song ‘Wiase Y3 D3’.

When questioned about whether his ex-girlfriend had attempted to reunite with him after his emergence to fame, Quamina said that “My Ex-girlfriend wanted to come back when I became Quamina MP but the yawa be say, some boy take am.”

“The boy then he dey drive corolla, so he came to take my girl wey he say he go marry the girl, he will take her to school and things but e no happen,” he said in pidgin language.

“I don’t blame the girl at all, I just felt she’s my past, so it means if we dey wey yawa happen, she still go lef right, she no go fit,” he added.

He went further to state that the experience with the said lady encouraged him to work hard and added value to himself to avert another of such circumstances from happening.

“After everything I feel like no, right now I have to focus and do more for myself, if I get girl next time, she no go left because of gari or something,” he stated.

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