Dancehall songstress, MzVee, has revealed that her sole focus on music created a distance between herself and her family.

This, according to her, was one of the biggest things that pushed her to depression.

MzVee told George Quaye on the Drive Time on Joy, Thursday, that she did not pay attention to her relationships and only realised later when she had no one to turn to in times of need.

“That was my biggest mistake…fame can be really lonely. It looks very flashy on social media with all your fans, the people around you and the people you chill with but when all is said and done and you go home, you’re in your bed alone, who’s really there for you?” 

In her depressive state, the singer said she took her anger on things that had no correlation with what she was going through including unfollowing friends on social media and distancing herself from everything and everyone.

“I basically was about work, work [and] work. I didn’t even pay attention to myself and because I didn’t pay attention to even my relationship, a lot of things went down the hill. I did not understand what was happening,” the ‘Bend Down’ singer narrated.

MzVee said she had to acknowledge she was depressed before she could take a step to heal.

She explained that connecting with the people that mattered, especially her family, helped her in her healing and transformation process.

The artiste urged listeners and her fans to always be on the lookout and seek help when things are not right with them. According to her, one’s inability to acknowledge there is a problem, when depressed, can derail the healing process.

The ‘See My Moda’ hitmaker has made her come back with a new song she titles ‘Sheriff’, one that indicates a new her, ready to take command of the industry again.