It appears that Ghanaian star actress Nadia Buari may soon get Tinsel Town talking as she was spotted getting very close and personal with American actor, Nate Parker.

Rumour has it that Nadia has recently been hanging out with Mr Parker, unclear though if the two are just good friends.

According to reports coming in from the US, the two started ‘seeing’ each other since February this year.

The pair may not be seen together anytime soon in Africa because even though Nate Parker is expected to be one of the African-American actors to grace the 2011 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria this weekend, Nadia will be in New York City for the F.A.C.E List Awards the same period.

Nate Parker is an American actor and musical performer who has appeared in The Secret Life of Bees, The Great Debaters, and Pride. In his recent roles, he has performed alongside Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker and Terrence Howard.

Parker has overcome turbulence and turmoil in his life both as a youth and a collegian. He was raised in both Virginia and Maine, but blossomed as a wrestler in his later high school years in Virginia.

Parker was an All-American wrestler in both high school and at the University of Oklahoma (watch out Nadia!).

He has also been active in charitable work, donating his time both as a volunteer wrestling coach and a political activist.



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