Director of the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement, University of Ghana, has observed that national development will remain elusive if successive governments continue to pay lip service to funding scientific research.

Professor Eric Danquah says the current levels of funding are grossly inadequate to support programs aimed at achieving food security.

According to him, most research institutions are either unable to carry out mandated programs or when funding is available, projects are skewed towards the interest of donor partners.

Farming in the country is predominantly subsistent with farmers growing mainly poor yielding crop varieties for domestic consumption; produce left is then sold on the market.

Professor Danquah told Luv FM more investment should be made into science research if the situation is to be reversed.

According to him, government must show more commitment to the funding of agricultural research in particular, and scientific research in general, if Ghana is to achieve a transformation in the volumes of food production.

He says attaining a green revolution in Ghana will only be achieved every farmer in every corner of the country plants crop varieties with the potential to boost yield.

This he noted calls for the use of science and technology to develop new crops and also investment in the agricultural production value chain.

Prof Danquah told Luv FM at a three day workshop for journalists on science reporting.

Selected journalists were schooled by research scientists from across the world to better understand the findings of scientific research.

Organizers of the workshop, Biosciences for Farming in Africa are hopeful the journalist will help bridge the missing link between research institutions and farmers.