A reporter from Joy FM on Wednesday had his recording of an interview with an aggrieved ex-national security operatives deleted by officials of national security.

Moses Kanga had recorded the sentiments of the retrenched employees at the car park of the national security but was forced to delete the recording.

The about thirty ex-national security operatives in a re-enactment of the 28th February 1948 march by ex-servicemen, strode into the offices of the National Security on Wednesday, demanding to see Lt Col Gbevlo Lartey, the national security coordinator over their unpaid gratuities.

Moses Kanga said he was forced to delete the recording with the aggrieved operative without reason, adding, he had no option.

The deletion was after he was questioned about his reasons for his presence in the national security premises and the content of the recording played to the hearing of the security officials.

The reporter said after listening to contents of his interview with the spokesperson of the aggrieved former employees, Samuel Ansah, the security operatives authorised him to delete the recording.

Samuel Ansah told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh he was also unjustifiably forced out of the offices by other security operatives for no stated reasons.

He explained the appointments of about 82 security operatives were terminated in August 2009 with the assurances that government will pay them their gratuities, but nothing was heard since then.

He said several attempts to reclaim their monies, including a petition to the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative (CHRAJ) have proven futile.

On Wednesday they planned to pay the national security coordinator, a friendly visit to register their protest and to find out when government will make true its promise to them.

Unfortunately they did not meet Lt Col Gbevlo Lartey, he said, adding he was personally prevented from meeting with the administrator of the office of National Security with threats of assault on him, he alleged.

Subsequently he learnt that management had agreed to deal with a lawyer representing the aggrieved ex-workers.

Samuel Ansah who claimed to be a trained soldier and had served in the Ghana Army for 12 years debunked assertions his appointment as national security operative was politically motivated.

He noted government will be setting a wrong precedence if national security operatives aree dismissed merely on suspicion of allegiance to previous government.

He said failure by government to pay the gratuity is making it difficult for him to cater for his 20 months old baby.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana


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