That's my Opinion: The Psychology of hypocrisy!!!!!

That's my Opinion: The Psychology of hypocrisy!!!!!
Source: Ghana |
Date: 16-04-2018 Time: 06:04:53:pm
Nana Ansah Kwao
I wish I knew how a great number of persons in a nation can fall into such denial, very obvious ills in its society, by just saying ‘it's not our culture’.  
Well, I can agree to that ‘It’s not our culture’ syndrome.  But what is culture? Only things done in the open? 
Ghana has a very rich culture, or should I say, ‘the richness of Ghana is its diverse cultures’? Whatever it is, it makes us very unique.   
However, our perpetual state of denial is creating or has created a parallel culture, which is quiet shameful.
Tonight, I'm just seeking answers.  I just want to find out why we have become such MORAL HYPOCRITES.  
My name is Nana Ansah Kwao IV and i am a realist.
Kindly share this message as you always do thank you

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