Legislation not solution for ‘fake churches’ – Christian Council

Legislation not solution for ‘fake churches’ – Christian Council
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | E: faustine.akwa@myjoyonline.ccom
Date: 30-05-2019 Time: 02:05:21:pm
The Christian Council wants more time to deal with the issue of fake pastors

The Christian Council is against calls by some legislators for a law to control the activities of manipulative self-styled pastors and their churches.

Some Members of Parliament on Wednesday, argued for the State to step in with a law to clamp down on “abuse of congregants” by the so-called men of God.

MP for Mfantseman, Ekow Hayford, appealed that an independent body should be set up “backed by law and devoid of politics” which would investigate and check the activities of churches.

Hayford also appealed to the media to sieve the content they put out. He said media houses should be circumspect about the ‘Men of God’ they offer their platform to.

MPs discussed the issue in Parliament on Wednesday where some called for legislation

The public, he said, should “also be vigilant and cautious in identifying which religious group and churches they associate with.”

But the General Secretary of the Christian Council, Rev. Cyril Fayose said, legislation will not solve the problem.

“They should hasten slowly. We do realise the situation that is confronting us and we are equally concerned and we are also looking for ways to address the issue but I don’t think legislation will solve the problem.

“It is a more complex problem than it looks and the Christian Council is working very hard, so that we can come together as Christian leaders to do something about it but eventually we will need the State to give us legislative backing. They should give us some time to work on the problem and then we will back to them for legislative backing,” he added.

Sam George

One of the MPs who is against the call for legislation, is Samuel George.

The Ningo-Prampram MP said legislation and logic cannot be used to regulate things that challenge logic, “things that have to do with faith defy logic, which is why they are faith.”

In his view, any legislation on churches, questions the legitimacy of miracles and he as a man of faith, stands strongly against it.

“I am not by any means saying that we don’t have charlatans who have become men of God, I’m not disputing that but that is a small number.

“You cannot over generalise the situation so it is unfair to say that all men of God need to be regulated,” he added.

For him, institutions like the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Catholic Bishops Conference, the Christian Council and the likes, should be able to monitor and control the activities of pastors and their churches.

“So what I have said is that, let legislation be that every church within a three-month time frame should come under one of these umbrella association and allow these umbrella associations regulate themselves, the State cannot do that.

“So let’s pass legislation, the legislation should not be to control the churches and tell them what time to run service but it should be that every church should come under one of these umbrella organisations, then these umbrella organisations can self-function and discipline themselves,” he added.