A police officer dangerously held tightly to the bonnet of moving taxi at the peril of his life, is trending.

It is not known when and where this took place but amateur video shot for only seven seconds captures the officer from the Motor Transport and Traffic Department of the Ghana Police Service. 

He clenched tightly on the bonnet of the speeding vehicle obviously to have the driver stop, possibly, for committing a road traffic offence.


On Friday, an MTTD officer lost his life after he was ran over by the driver of a commercial vehicle, popularly known as ‘trotro’ around the Trinity Theological Seminary in Accra.

According to reports, Sergeant Moses Appiah and his colleague, Corporal Joshua Azure pursued the driver of the Ford vehicle from the main Legon-Madina road and eventually caught up with him on the Trinity Theological Seminary.

The two policemen got out of their vehicle and tried to stop the driver from moving his vehicle but in an attempt to drive away, hit the police officer. 

 He was pronounced dead at the 37 Military Hospital where he was sent for treatment after the incident.