The Northern Development Forum (NDF), a non-governmental organization, on Thursday called on the government to initiate a comprehensive fund-raising effort to tackle the poverty in the three Northern regions.

“The time has come for development needs of the North to be defined quickly and resources provided for long-term development investment of the north as a matter of urgency,” Dr Hakeem Wemah, Chairman of the NDF, said at a press conference in Accra to explain progress made by the body following the recent floods in the three northern regions.

He suggested a meeting between government and stakeholders to determine the priorities of the area and develop strategies for development of the people adding that the words and spirit in the budget should be backed by action.

Dr Wemah commended the government for its support so far, especially the allocation of 25 million cedis as seed money for the Northern Development Fund.

The NDF evolved following the floods that hit and devastated the three northern regions with the goal of contributing their quota to support disaster victims both in cash and kind.

The NDF, as part of its plans had raised about 153 million during their maiden meeting.

It also presented food item and toiletries value at 100 million through the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to areas of the three northern regions, which were affected by the recent floods.

Source: GNA


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