The Nigerian company, Snecou Group which is partnering the State Housing Company to build 1,000 housing units for the security services has condemned what it says it IMANI Ghana’s attempt to discredit it.

Under the terms of the agreement, Snecou will raise 77.3 million dollars for the construction of the houses. But IMANI is asking Parliament to recall the report laid before it.

It cites issues about the cost per housing unit and the credibility of the company which has been cited for corruption controversies and inquiries in Nigeria.

To buttress its point, IMANI refers to an October 2010 ruling by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria, which indicted the Chairman of Snecou, Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu for using four of his companies to loot 40 million dollars belonging to Nasawara state.

Executive Director of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe over the weekend re-affirmed its call on Parliament to do proper due diligence to avoid problems it encountered with the STX deal.

Franklin Cudjoe said the deal must be returned to the Housing Ministry to ensure due diligence is done before its adoption by the House.

According to IMANI, the Nigerian company is not credible enough to undertake such a project.

However the General Manager of Snecou Group, Daniel Nwokedi denied the charges on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday.

Nwokedi explained his company had not been able to complete certain projects due to the political climate in Nigeria, insisting the Snecou’s integrity was intact.