The Volta regional Security Coordinating Council (REGSEC) is beefing up security at Nkonya and Alavanyo following shooting incidents in Nkonya which left two dead and one injured yesterday.

The victims, believed to be residents of Nkonya in the Biakoye District, were killed and another injured in what is believed to be renewed clashes between their ethnic group and age-old rivals of Alavanyo.

It is not clear what led to the latest incident but according to eyewitnesses, the gunshots were fired from the Alavanyo side.

The incident occurred despite the renewal of a curfew in the area and the antecedent assurances by leaderships of the two areas to maintain the peace.

The Chairman of REGSEC and Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yaw Letsa who is holding an emergency meeting over the issue on Thursday has expressed shock at the latest happenings.

In an exclusive interview with Joy News, Dr. Letsa appealed for calm, assuring that security in the area is being tightened to ensure things do not escalate.

The Regional Minister on his maiden visit as chairman of REGSEC appealed to indigenes of the two areas to maintain peace and tranquillity in order to advance development in there.

Residents of the area who say they are living in danger want the police to investigate the latest issue and also beef up security to protect lives. 

The Assemblyman for the area, Emmanuel Visu, called on government to take urgent steps that will lead to a permanent resolution of the conflict.