The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has debunked allegations that the Institute does not report actual Covid-19 cases.

This follows rumours that Noguchi had teamed up with government to reduce the numbers so as to prevent fear and panic among the people.

But in an interview with Adom News, Director of the Institute, Prof. Abraham Kwabena Anang said such acts do not go with the ethics of science and research.

He explained that science requires a researcher to provide accurate findings of their investigations.

Prof. Anang also stressed on how ludicrous their entire investigations would be, should they report cooked figures to Ghanaians.

“It means all the work we have done will be wasted, and we wouldn’t only be sinning against Science but God as well. Noguchi would never do that with the government and government would not even think of doing something like that,” he emphasized

Explaining further, Prof. Anang said the findings of their research are used by other scientists, specifically Mathematicians, to ascertain the number of cases in a day, geographical distribution amongst others for further planning by state authorities.

A misrepresentation will, therefore, render the works of such scientists useless, according to the Noguchi Director.

Aside from sequencing the genome of the coronavirus in Ghana with the West African Centre for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens,
Prof. Anang also revealed that Noguchi has begun research for a possible vaccine for the virus.