The North East Regional Security Council has called for calm in Nalerigu and Gambaga following renewed chieftaincy violence between Mamprusis and Kusasis in Bawku. 

The call comes as angry youths of the two towns are mobilizing and threatening to avenge the death of two Mamprusi men from Gambaga and the arrest of some elders of the Mamprugu King in Nalerigu.

Speaking after meeting with authorities in the area, Regional Minister and Chairman of Security Council, Yidana Zakari advised the agitating youth to continue to exercise maximum restraint and resort to dialogue rather than stoking the embers of confusion. 

The Minister also commended the youth for not taking the laws into their own hands and pleaded with them to remain calm.

“Let me also thank the youth for listening to leadership. In all this we need to make peace so that we can go about our daily activities without fear or hindrance and I think so far highly commendable,” he stated.

He also thanked the leaders in the community for the leadership roles they all played to restore calm in the municipality.

Mr Yidani Zakari sympathised with the families of the deceased.

“I would want to first send my condolences to the people of the North East Region and to the government of Ghana and the believed families. You know it’s unfortunate that they were caught in the happening and unfortunately lost their lives. We can only wish them well wherever they may be,” he said.

The Minister further asked for support from stakeholders to enable him to deliver on his mandate as Regional Minister.

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