Former Bishop of the Kumasi Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, Right Reverend Professor Osei Sarfo-Kantanka is worried about the lack of creativity in the manifestos of the two major political parties.

Studying the manifestos of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and opposition (NDC) he questioned whether there is a clear agenda the nation is pursuing.

His comment follows threats by many Ghanaians to boycott the elections if they do not see any development in their areas.

Prof Kantanka believes both parties’ manifestos have failed to innovatively address the nation’s problems in a long term.

“The 2020 election party manifestos lack creativity,” he said on ‘Luv in the Morning’ with David Akuetteh, Friday.

“Are they just satisfying every little need of every community or is there a clear agenda the nation is pursuing? Is it for the greater good?”

“Why should our politician try to outdo one another by giving promises? Our politicians are giving us promises not policies,” he observed.

Prof Sarfo Kantanka wants the Electoral Commission to create a platform for political parties to defend their manifestoes.

“Now, the media houses always want politicians to come and defend their policies. I have seen former President John Mahama say ‘come and le’s debate’ and I don’t think NPP has shown any desire to do that.

“The time has come for the Electoral Commission to be given the additional responsibility of creating a political platform for the parties to engage the voters on their policies,” he urged.


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