The Member of Parliament for Ketu North in the Volta Region, Hon. James Klutse Avedzi has accused the Government of training special forces drawn from the military and police to intimidate the electorate in areas the New Patriotic Party is unpopular in the up-coming December polls.

According to the National Democratic Congress MP, he is privy to some information that the government has made available large caches of arms for the special forces to use on the day of elections by engaging in indiscriminate shooting to scare away voters from participating in the elections.

James Avedzi was speaking at the inauguration of a wing of the NDC’s Tertiary Education Institutions Network, (TEIN), in Ho.

According to Joy News correspondent, Agbeko Ben Coffie, the MP has persistently been raising the alarm at various platforms in and outside his constituency, insisting that NPP’s alleged intention is to cause confusion in constituencies known to be NDC strongholds.

According to the MP, among those being trained to destabilize the elections are constituents, who would be asked to start creating confusion in the course of voting, while their counterparts who will be part of the security detail, under the guise of quelling the confusion, shoot indiscriminately to scare the voters, who would abandon the election process and run to their villages.

Asked if he has reported the matter to the police, the MP said no, but that they, (NDC) were preparing for the would-be trouble causers.

“No, I will not inform the police but we have also prepared for them, those people who are coming to cause the confusion in the queue just for the police to give the warning shots, we are preparing for them,” he said.

The NPP has however rubbished the claim, describing it as a panic reaction by the NDC, fearing that it was growing unpopular in its own strongholds.

General Secretary Nana Ohene Ntow told Joy News that consistently from the 1996 elections, the NDC’s popularity has been dwindling in its strongholds and instead of finding more rational and strategic solutions to deal with the situation, “they are throwing up this red herring to create unnecessary panic and confusion in that region and possibly across the country in most places that they find the NPP is covering more ground in their strong areas.

“I think that the public ought to see through this trick. We will reject any attempt by the NDC to scuttle the result of the up-coming elections should they lose.”

Nana Ohene Ntow challenged the NDC to provide whatever evidence they have to back their case, saying all the NDC may have to produce would be evidence they would have concocted themselves.