Mr Peter Mac Manu, National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has appealed to all sides involved in the conflict in Bekwai to cease acts of violence forthwith and remain calm to give the party time to resolve the differences.

“That this explosion has occurred within the NPP over the selection of a candidate to contest for parliament on the party’s ticket is unfortunate. This party has won the proud distinction of scrupulously avoiding physical conflict of any sort in its political discourse and every other activity since it was founded 15 years ago,” he said in a statement.

It said members and supporters of the NPP had endured persistent acts of unprovoked violence from political rivals without retaliation.

The statement said in line with strong commitment to free, fair and violence-free elections as vital component of democratic governance, “The NPP insists that the loss of a single Ghanaian life is unacceptable.”

“Under the circumstances, it would be sad irony if an NPP life is lost through the thoughtless action of some other NPP member or supporter,” it said.

The statement said the Bekwai violence was even more regrettable given the fact that the National Executive Committee had received a petition on the primaries and is studying it with the view to finding a lasting solution.

It said the party had a duty to give close attention to whatever happens in Bekwai since it is one of the constituencies that consistently keeps faith with the NPP by voting massively for the party.

In the last election, for instance, Bekwai voters gave 79 per cent of their votes to the NPP.

Violence erupted at an NPP primary when Mr Kofi Poku Adusei, the Member of Parliament for Bekwai, polled 70 votes to beat Mr Joe Osei-Wusu, Chief Executive Officer of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, who had 69 votes.

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators who blocked roads with burning tyres.

Source: GNA


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