Social media users are questioning the rationale behind Presbyterian Boys Senior High School alumni’s decision to petition Primetime over the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) results.

According to the Global President of the Ɔdadeɛ Alumni and Mentorship Centre, Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong, the alumni want an investigation into incidents that led to Presec-Legon being “given a raw deal”.

Reacting to their petition yet to be presented to organisers of NSMQ, Primetime Limited, users on social media say the school’s decision stems from the inability to accept defeat.

Others suggest that the six-time champions who yearned for a seventh trophy received marks they did not deserve due to the discretion of quiz mistress, Prof. Elsie Kaufmann; hence they should not make such claims.

The competition’s grand finale featured six-time champions Presec, Keta SHTS and now winners of the 2021 NSMQ, Prempeh College.

With a four-point difference, Prempeh College emerged victoriously. However, the contest held on November 26, encountered some challenges during the ‘Problem of the Day’ in Round 3.

The equipment used by Prempeh College, for some reason, failed to function at some point in time.

This resulted in the Amanfoo Boys receiving 15 seconds to complete their solution. As a result, they garnered 10 points, leaving contenders with 7 points each.

Below are some comments on Twitter:

However, some social media users say the Ɔdadeɛ Alumni and Mentorship Centre is right to decide to call for a probe. They insist Presec-Legon should have been crowned winners.

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