The Northern Students’ Union (NSU) has condemned the violence and riots in the Ghana Senior High School in Tamale and Navrongo Senior High School in Navrongo in the Upper East Region.

NSU says it has keenly followed reports of the violence which has led to the temporal closure of the two schools and finds it unfortunate that such unreasonable demands by students should result in violence and destruction of property to that magnitude.

“The Northern Students’ Union is of the view that the northern part of the country is replete with conflicts and the youth who have the opportunity to be in school are expected to be a shining example to perpetrators of those conflicts since a majority of the students in the two senior high schools are indigenes of northern Ghana. It is therefore not only appalling, but also detrimental to the quest for peace in that part of the country, when educated youth think that violence is the only means by which their grievances could be addressed.”

A statement signed by Abdul – Hamid Ibn Kailan, National President of NSU said the union was adding its voice to the call by GES to authorities of senior high schools to seize all mobile phones used by students.

NSU also called on security agencies and authorities of the two senior high schools to identify perpetrators of these violent acts and bring them to book without fear or favour.

“NSU will also like to assure students of the northern schools that it will stand by them if they have genuine concerns and are prepared to follow the laid down procedures in resolving their grievances. Violence is not and has never been the best way of solving problems.

“NSU also uses this opportunity to call on all students of Ghana, particularly those from the three regions of the north, to be law abiding and not engage in activities that will spell the doom for their future.”


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