There is tension brewing at the Akro Senior High School at Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern region after some residents attacked students over the lynching of a suspected thief.

Some students of the school on Friday arrested and physically assaulted two persons who invaded their campus until they fell unconscious.

The suspects, Sackitey Emmanuel Kpabitey and Odoi Solomon, were rushed to the hospital by five Police officers who intervened after the headmaster of the school called the Police.

One of the suspects who was admitted at the St. Martin’s De Porres hospital for treatment, however, died. The other suspect who survived the attacks is in critical condition at the same facility.

Subsequently, the armed residents, who claim the suspects were innocent, stormed the school premises and attacked some of the students amidst pelting of stones.

Suspect Sackitey Emmanuel, JoyNews has learnt, could not survive the attacks and was pronounced dead on arrival by health authorities. The body of the deceased has been deposited at the hospital morgue for autopsy.

The Odumase-Krobo District Police Commander, Superintendent Doris Grant, explained she dispatched some Police officers to the school to save the situation.

“I had information that some two boys had invaded the school, and they were thieves. My men responded and came here and saw that they had been physically assaulted. I gave directives that they should be taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, one died”.

The headmaster of the school, Charles Osom Baah, however said the students were compelled to unleash the attacks on them after the first suspect threatened to invite some townsfolks to attack them. He is currently meeting the Konor ( Paramount Chief) of the town to decide the fate of the school.

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