Convenor of FixTheCountry Movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor

This whole thing about the Cathedral is just so frustratingly corrupt. And every time they issue a long statement more murky and cover-up schemes make themselves clearer.

I don’t know if they don’t expect us to put two and two together or they are actually counting on our stupidity.

Let me break it down to you as a lawyer would. See this:

1. The National Cathedral Executive Director releases this statement to claim that the reason why they incorporated the “National Cathedral of Ghana” as a private Company limited by guarantee was because that’s what the Attorney-General advised them to do.

2. As proof, he provides a reply of the AGs to his letter dated 29 July 2021. The AG’s letter is dated 6 January 2022.

3. Now, the National Cathedral had already been incorporated as far back as 18 July 2019.

4. How does the AG advice you to do something you already did 3 years ago.

5.In fact if you look at the AG’s letter they put out, the letter states “ It is noted that on 18th July 2019, the National Cathedral of Ghana was incorporated under the Companies Act as a Company Limited by Guarantee”.

6. How does a statement noting that you have already done something a particular way, prior to your letter requesting clarification, constitute an advise that you should now do the same thing a certain way

7. Now, here is where Godfred Dame’s propensity for murky situations and conflicts of interest come in again. Godfred, is the company secretary for the National Cathedral. He occupies that position in his private capacity and not as institutional representative of the Attorney-General’s Department.

8. Then in his AG position, he Godfred goes on to receive a letter “written” from the body for which the serves as Secretary seeking clarification on the legal status of the national cathedral. And then pretends to give the advice this time as Attorney-General.

9. Anyway, things get even murkier, the letter sent to the Attorney-General requested for information on the Legal status of the ”National Cathedral Foundation”, not a Company called ”National Cathedral of Ghana”. Please, what is the National Cathedral Foundation?

10. We continue to see letters written by an individual (Paul Opoku-Mensah) on a letter head which has three different institutions listed. On one hand, we see the logo of the National Cathedral of Ghana (the Company); then we See Office of the President Coat of Arms; then we see him say the letter is written by the Secretariat of the National Cathedral.

11. Now, at some point Paul Opoku-Mensah describes himself as Executive Director of the National Cathedral of Ghana. This would be the Company. Then at other times as the Executive Director of the Secretariat of the National Cathedral, which is, as we were made to understand, a bureau under the Office of the President.

12. What is the relationship between the Secretariat of the National Cathedral and the National Cathedral of Ghana.? What is the National Cathedral Foundation? Also what is the difference between Secretariat of the National Cathedral and National Cathedral Secretariat? Are the two used interchangeably?

13. When you look at the composition, he himself has provided for the National Cathedral of Ghana, he Paul Opoku-Mensah is not a member of the Board of Directors. So how is he acting as “Executive Director of the National Cathedral of Ghana”.

14. Now if they claim that it was the Ghana Musuems and Monuments Board that established this company, why is the President the one appointing people to this Cathedral?

15. What on earth is this Trustees of the National Cathedral, when the regulations of this Company limited by Guarantee makes no provision for a a Board of Trustees separate from a Board of Directors?

16. It is then claimed that Dag Heward Mills’s documents for registration as a Director of the National Cathedral of Ghana came in after they had already incorporated the company. Now think about this.

The company was incorporated in 2019. For 3 years, they ddnt find their own way to sending Dag Heward Mills’s documents to the Registrar-Generals Department?

17. Today, Ghfixthecountry will be sending a Right to Information request to the Ghana Musuems and Monument Board asking for the resolution of the Board to establish the National Cathedral of Ghana; and their decision to appoint all these people as Directors.

The Board is a separate legal entity which was established by a Law. It’s actions must be governed by law. It cannot be used as a convenient front by shady characters or for shady schemes.

Mark my words, this Cathedral thing, may end up being the President’s Quality Grain Case. (If NDC had the balls) For God and Country. Neho la!