Papa Yaw Asare writes...The Blessing of a father

Papa Yaw Asare writes...The Blessing of a father
Source: Ghana | Papa Yaw Asare |
Date: 16-06-2019 Time: 04:06:14:pm

What a blessing to have fathers! Happy Father's Day to all the father figures in my life and especially to my own Dad. You protect, provide and love me. On this day, I say “Thank You”.

I will not attempt to start with names because the list is endless. Probably this post should have come earlier, having a writer’s block on a day like is frustrating but thank God the father for helping me out with this poem to honour our father’s on this day. Enjoy and stay blessed.

It is a great blessing to have a Father

The one who is life’s potter

Most evident in the Godhead as they foster

He protects, he provides and he loves stronger

His calls, counsel and rod sometimes feel like a bother


He always battles with the balance of making money and having time for the family proper

Looking out for our good and shaping our lives in order

It appears his sacrifices and toil are not appreciated and his weakness becomes an all too familiar fodder

He aims to give his best and dreads that moment to falter

Took care of you or not he is still your father

You do owe him that honour


You have wronged him. He forgives you rather

His mouth and hand carry that rod for you to prosper

Whether he plays soccer, a dishwasher, a lawyer or a doctor

He defies all odds to make you a scholar

Through my attitude and honour I attract the blessing of a father