The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu (II), has planted a tree at the Royal Gold Club in Kumasi in commemoration of Green Ghana Day.

This is to commence the planting of a million trees in the Ashanti Region. The initiative is part of government efforts at Green Ghana Day to restore depleting vegetative cover of the country.

Separate efforts include the Otumfuo Landscape Restoration Project rolling out to plant three million trees in the region, with special attention at Lake Bosomtwe.

Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, speaking at a ceremony to commemorate the Day, wants the public to supports stopping illegal mining and logging in the protection of the environment.

“If we plant one million trees in the Ashanti region and ‘galamseyers’ destroy 10 million trees, what are we done? In essence, all hands must be on deck to fight this canker of illegal mining or galamsey and at the same time fight against illegal logging,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Forestry Commission in the Region says the project has been oversubscribed, with 1.2 million seedlings distributed.

Deputy Minister-designate for Lands and Natural Resources, Benito Owusu Bio, disclosed how the plants will be nurtured.

He stated that trees planted in schools will be managed by school authorities, while those planted on streets and parks will be taken care of by the Youth in Afforestation.

Also, “the Forestry Commission will take care of those planted in forests and when you plant yours at home, let your child take care of that,” he said.

“What it tells us is that Ghanaians will always rise to the call when we call on them and it’s important is that we protect the seedlings and make sure that they grow to maturity,” he said.

“We know what we have done this year will be successful, but then next year, we’re going to do a mega one,” he added.

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