Yussif Alhassan Chibsah

The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has explained reason their part of the relief fund has been given back to the Ghana Football.

The release of the revised COVID-19 relief allocation release revealed that the PFAG has decided to donate their allocated sum to the Ghana FA Health and Insurance Policy expected to be embarked on soon.

The welfare body of professional footballers has clarified their extended help to the GFA by donating the $2,000 share they were to be given as a member of the association.

This was explained by the Executive Member of the PFAG in charge of player relations Yussif Alhassan Chibsah in an interview with Nhyira Power Sports in Kumasi

“We (PFAG)  have been advocating for the welfare of players always and insurance for footballers is our priority.  We have been able to work on the insurance policies for the men footballers in Ghana’s elite division but scarce resources prevented us from extending this support to the lower divisions and Women’s league.

When the Ghana Football Association allocated a portion of the relief fund to cater for insurance in an enrolled policy, we thought it wise to allow them to add our part of the relief fund into the insurance fund to be able to finance the insurance for the division one and women’s league”, Chibsah told Nhyira FM.

The former Black Meteors captain believes their prime focus of having the welfare of all professional footballers in Ghana championed fuelled this gesture from the PFAG

“Our intention is to reach out and insure all professional footballers and that is why we sacrificed our part of the money to relief the burden on the GFA to help insure the Division One and Women footballers, “he concluded.