Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn says the country’s coronavirus outbreak is under control, after a decline in the infection rate.

As we mentioned earlier, Mr Spahn says the number of recovered patients has recently been consistently higher than the number of new infections – showing the lockdown has been successful.

“The outbreak has, as of today, become controllable and manageable again,” he told a news conference, adding that the health care system had “at no time been overwhelmed so far”.

Figures published by Germany’s disease control agency indicate the infection rate had dropped to 0.7 – meaning each infected person passed the virus to less than one other.

However, the number of fatalities is still rising, as is the number of infected health care workers.

Germany has been praised for its aggressive testing efforts. It has almost 138,000 positive cases, according to Johns Hopkins University tracking, and 3,868 people have died nationally with the virus, which is a relatively low number.