Over 300 fishermen from across the coastline of Ghana have registered a strong protest against the use of pair-trawling by their foreign counterparts.

The fishermen say the practice is seriously killing the industry and depriving them of their daily bread.

Pair-trawling, is a fishing method where fishermen sweep through the sea with fishing net supported at the ends by trawlers.

At a demonstration in Accra on Thursday, the fishermen said industrial vessels mostly from China engage in pair-trawling activities which is putting them out of business.

The demonstrating fishermen were expected to submit a petition to government through the Speaker of Parliament but were intercepted at the Independent Square area by the police with reason that they (fishermen) had no permit to embark on the demonstration.

Myjoyonline gathered on Wednesday night that officials at the Ghana Police Service had communicated to the fishermen not to embark on the demonstration.

However, in an interview with Joy News’ Benard Shaibu, the leader of the aggrieved fishermen, Uncle Ato, said the group could not call off the demonstration because they were already mobilised.

To reinforce their appeal the fishermen carried huge placards some reading “Pair-trawlers are destroying the future of our children,” and “It is voting time; call the foreigners to come and vote.”

Uncle Ato said local fishermen in Ghana had been faced with the problem for far too long and prayed for government intervention.

Story by Fiifi Koomson


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