Parliament has described as unfair the latest ranking by the Africa Watch Magazine on the performance of its members.

The magazine in its October edition published a survey in which it graded President John Mills, ranked Members of Parliament as well as members of the Executive.

Twenty four of the MPs were graded F with a handful scoring an A.

The survey according to the Africa Watch Magazine was conducted by bi-partisan professionals.

The rankings have received widespread condemnation especially from the F ranked MPs.

A statement released by Parliament and signed by the Public Affairs Director of Parliament Jones Kuglenu said the survey did not capture the entirety of Parliament’s work and could not be relied upon as performance measuring mechanism for the MPs.

He told Joy News’ Dzifah Bampoh in an interview the criteria for the rankings was suspect.

According to him, the rankings only concentrated on the performance of the MPs based on the floor of the house, saying that is not fair.

He explained that an MP is allowed to speak only on the express permission of the Speaker of Parliament and even when more than twenty people speak on the floor of Parliament, a television or radio station exercises its discretion by selecting a voice or two.

In that case it becomes difficult even for the public to know who or who did not speak on the floor of the house.

He said the MPs need to be assessed by the generality of the public, especially from their constituents and not by selected group of people.

To grade an MP with an F means the MP is not deserving of a place in the house, he said, adding “that is not fair.”

Story by Nathan Gadugah/