The National Service Secretariat is constituting a special task force to identify and prosecute persons in gainful employment, who have failed to undertake National Service.

It forms part of strategies to ensure adherence to the law which makes it mandatory for graduates of tertiary institutions to undertake a mandatory one year National Service after completing their courses of study.

According to the Secretariat, persons who are found without the service certificates will not be spared.

The Executive Director of the Secretariat, Vincent Senam Kuagbenu, warned that people who have not done their national service should immediately make arrangements with their employers to do it or face the consequences.

“It will not be long, we will go after those who infringe on the law,” he stated.

The Executive Director said, “we need to make our laws bite,” and that he was in talks with the Attorney-General and the police “to get a task force ready to begin to arrest defaulters.”

Many graduates often complain that slow administrative procedures at the secretariat frustrate them from applying for their services certificates.

Mr Vincent Kuagbenu told Joy News his outfit is undertaking reforms to speed up processing time for the issuance of the certificates.

Source: Joy News/Ghana