Jasmine Montgomery’s very first branding assignment was to develop a guarantee of freshness and vitamin content in frozen peas.

She went on to manage marketing for Singapore’s DBS Bank, and subsequently became Managing Director of Futurebrand London.

With business partner David Grainger, Jasmine founded branding consultancy Seven Brands in 2009. The firm concentrates on serving clients in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Key advice

Many entrepreneurs spend far too much time on devising a business plan – instead they should focus on cash-flow planning.

Getting this right is vital: “unless you’ve got the cash flow coming through you can go out of business with clients owing you millions of dollars.”

The article is part of a series of ‘Business Start-Up Stories’ by the BBC, inclduing; ‘If you’re not obsessed, you won’t succeed’, ‘Be careful what you dream of – you might get it’ and ‘Starting a business is like guerrilla warfare’.

Credit: BBC