Dr. Edward Mahama, Presidential Candidate of People’s National Convention (PNC) on Thursday observed that the proliferation of cocaine trafficking and usage in the country was part of a general climate of insecurity engulfing the country.

He called on government to take firm and decisive actions to curb the
drug menace and armed robbery that posed a threat to “what all of us have contributed to in the building of the nation.”

Dr. Mahama, who was interacting with the Ghana News Agency on the increasing spate of armed robbery on almost daily basis said the high incidence of snatching of mobile phones and car jacking and the brazened manner in which those criminal acts were executed were real threats to security of the individual and community.

This, he said hampered production, freedom of movement and created general fear and panic among the citizenry and that some workers on early morning duties like nurses, journalists and market women feared for their lives because of attacks on their lives and robbery.

That was affecting production which adversely affected the national economy, he said, adding, “insecurity in the country scared investors.”

Dr Mahama said the fact that Ministers had personal security did not mean that the ordinary man should also not be protected by the state.

He said the drug menace was even frightening and that politicians feared for their lives because one cannot predict the behaviour of a drug addict during political rallies and other social gatherings.

He likened the situation to what happened in Sierra Leone and Liberia during the civil wars when even children intoxicated with cocaine were made to mete out brutalities on others.

On the right to information bill, Dr. Mahama wondered why it had still not been passed and urged groups, especially the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) to contribute to the aspect of the bill that would enhance their activities.

He said, if the GJA could do that, then they would have been promoting the right to information.

Source: GNA


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